Pictures from South Africa

It has been a tough weekend with all the memories of 9/11. I was on my way back from South Africa, so I have also been thinking about my visits there. All the talk about 9/11 has unlocked some of the memories around the ones I usually have blocked.

Rhinos, south Africa, White RhinocerosOn my second visit to South Africa we visited a Nature Reserve.

South Africa, Near Johannesburg, African HutOn my first visit we drove through a lake area and passed a traditional trading post.

Half Chicken, Nando's, Clean Up Your Act, Hot and SpicySouth Africa is where Nando’s started so made sure I visited one during my last trip in June 2018. I first ate at a Nando’s in September 2001 during my first trip to South Africa.

Rodizio, Churrascaria, Carnivore, Meat, RestaurantA trip to the Carnivore restaurant was a highlight of my last trip. Think of a Brazilian churrascaria restaurant, but with some interesting game meats.

Cheetah, South Africa, Nature PreserveOne more animal to close out these memories. Look how close this cheetah was to our car. What a beautiful animal.

Just a few memories.


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