A Long Ago Trip to Bangkok

Tonight I stumbled upon some pictures from a trip I took to Bangkok a long time ago.

bangkok silom village, thailand, thai classical dancerThe first is a picture that was taken at Silom Village of me with a classic Thai dancer.

elephant building, bangkok, thailand, architectureThey had some interesting buildings in Bangkok, including this elephant building.

bangkok temples, thailandThe temples in Bangkok have some interesting imagery.

bangkok temples, thailandThey also have some very distinctive architecture. Especially the roofs.

bangkok temples, thailandHere is a closeup of one of the roof peaks.

bangkok temples, thailandInside the temples there are many paintings done in gold leaf. Even paintings of the temples are on the inner walls.

Just a glimpse into Bangkok.


Except for the first picture, these were all taken with an old digital camera that used floppy disks for storage.


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1 Response to A Long Ago Trip to Bangkok

  1. Kyle Cash says:

    Still have to visit Bangkok. What did you think of it from the time you were there?

    And I’ve never seen the elephant building before, that’s a great one.

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