First Trip to London

This evening I ran across some pictures from my first trip to London.

The trip was about 20 years ago and I was using an old Sony digital camera that saved the pictures on floppy disks. You can tell that the resolution of the pictures is not very high.

As I scanned through the pictures some of them caught my eye and these are the ones I am going to share.

london, 2000, first trip to london, old digital picturesThis picture caught my eye for two reasons. One is the very old City of London bollard. The other is the sign for 1-hour Service for picture processing.

The bollard is still there in a more recent picture I found on the internet, but the 1-hour film processing is no longer.

london, 2000, first trip to london, old digital picturesMy colleague and I were on a tour bus that made a big loop around the city. We could hop off and explore and then hop back on again.

One of the places we stopped to see was Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the day we were there did not have a changing of the guard ceremony. However, I did get a picture of a guard.

london, 2000, first trip to london, old digital picturesOne of the places I wanted to stop at was the British Museum. However, we did not have time as we had many places we wanted to see. I did make it to the British Museum on a later trip to London, and would like to visit it again someday.

london, 2000, first trip to london, old digital picturesI did some work at St. Thomas’ Hospital during the trip. It was at this hospital where the first intraocular lens was implanted after a cataract had been removed from a patient’s eye.

london, 2000, first trip to london, old digital picturesFinally, a picture of the hotel room where I stayed in London. It was even smaller than some of the Japanese hotel rooms I have stayed in. I don’t remember the exact room rate, but remember it being very high.

I am now thinking of finding the pictures from my visit to the British Museum. I need to see if I took pictures of certain items.


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