Shanghai Thoughts

I had a meeting with a colleague from Shanghai this afternoon so am thinking of some of my trips there.

Shanghai Circus - Acrobatic Show - Acrobats - Shanhai Huxi Theater - Shanghai, ChinaOne memory is of my first trip to Shanghai in 2000 where I was able to see a Chinese Circus.

Shanghai Metro, China, Largest Metro, TrainI have memories of riding the Shanghai Metro through the years and seeing the growth of the system. I can easily buy tickets for where I am going and not get lost 🙂

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, China, Old BridgeShanghai is also a mix of old and new, from very old bridges to ….

Pudong Skyline, Shanghai, China, Bund, Tallest Buildings, Skyscrapers, Night Skylinetall modern skyscrapers.

Lunch, Chinese Food, Shanghai Food, Chinese CuisineOf course, the wonderful food in Shanghai is a nice thing to think about.

I am ready for my next trip to Shanghai 🙂 I don’t think it will be anytime soon though 😦


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