Japan Sunsets

Tonight as the Olympics are drawing to an end I will share some sunsets from Japan.

Tokyo Skyline, Sunset, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Tatsumi-yaguraThis sunset picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan. I like the mix of old and new here. The modern skyscrapers of Tokyo are reflected in the moat of Edo Castle.

Fuji-san - Mount Fuji - Sunset - TokyoHere is a view of Fuji-san at sunset. I really like the shape of the mountain.

Sunset, Kyoto, Long DayI took this picture on the way to the car after we visited a customer in Kyoto.  An interesting view after a long day of work.

Urban Sunset, Sunset and Reflection, Red sky, Moat

I really love the colors in this picture and the many different details. You can even see leaves floating on the water that add texture to the picture. I took this picture on my way back to my hotel after a long day standing around at a convention.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguara

This last picture was taken from almost the same place as the first one, but a little later in the evening.

I like the addition of the leaves at the top of the picture. It adds some interesting detail.



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