Pagodas in Japan

While watching the Tokyo Olympics many memories from my trips to Japan have been flooding back.

Today I have been thinking about pagodas so will share some pictures of them.

Red Tree, Red Leaves, Pagoda, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, JapanI took this picture during a visit to the Uneo Zoo. I am also remembering the Giant Pandas at the zoo. I have been to three zoos where they have Giant Pandas.

Kiyomizu Pagoda - Kyoto, JapanThis pagoda is at the Kiyomizu Temple complex in Kyoto. I really enjoyed a weekend trip to Kyoto during one of my trips to Japan.

To-Ji - Kyoto, Japan - Five story Wooden PagodoThis five story Pagoda is Ko-Ji and is the tallest wooden structure in Japan. It is one of the landmarks of Kyoto.

Pagoda, tokyoI took this picture during my first trip to Tokyo many years ago.

This five storied pagoda is within the Senso-jo Shinto complex in the Asakusa district of Tokyo.

Senso-ji - Asakusa - Tokyo - Five Storied Pagoda - 5 story pagoda - Shinto ShrineMany years later I was also in the Asakusa district and took another picture of the Pagoda.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of Japanese pagodas.


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