Throwback Thursday – Toys

One of the things that we always seem to remember from our childhood is toys.

50s toys, etch a sketch, mr. potato head, toysIt is always interesting to see toys from different eras. I remember not only toys from when I was a kid, but also toys from when my parents were kids. How many remember going to grandparents or great aunts and uncles and playing with the toys that your parents generation played with?

Mr Potato head, SFO museum, culture, potato head, no plastic spudMy mother remembers playing with Mr. Potato Head when you had to provide the potato or other vegetable.

birthday cake, lincoln logs, wagon, play dough, overallsFor us,  birthdays were when we usually got toys. It is good that we had pictures to show which of us owned a toy.

Birthday Gifts - Car Transport - 70's Toys - Happy Birthday - Metal ToysI still have this car transport truck tucked away in a closet just a few feet away from me.

Big Doll, Brother and sister, pajamas, pjsI can’t leave out my sister, she always had a lot of dolls to play with when she wasn’t treating me like one 🙂

Little Red Wagon, Birthday present, Old Truck, Memories, BowtieMany of us had little red wagons, they were a great toy as we could carry our other toys around in them.

Bike, Schwinn Bicycle, Big Handlebars, Over the handlebarsOf course, a bike could be considered a toy,  but one that could take us further away and into more trouble. Like playing in the creek at Wildwood Park.




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