Interesting Pictures

I thought I would share a few interesting pictures I have taken long ago.

Customer Notice, Poor Grammar, misplaced punctuationA lot of grammar mistakes on this sign. This was in a hotel and most likely it meant only one free breakfast per room, and not taking enough for a sack lunch 🙂

Arrow on Rock Pointing into the groundWhat is this arrow pointing to?

Roll Your Joints inside the shop, humorous signs, Amsterdam, Coffee shopThis was in Amsterdam on the window of a coffee shop.

Don't Forget to Carry Your Thing, Funny Signs, Chinglish, Chinese, English, Translation, Shanghai“Don’t Forget to Carry your Thing” – Found in a small bus in Shanghai

MAO, wooden blocks, What?This picture was taken about 20 years ago of some toy blocks given to my twin nieces at a baby shower.

Can you tell that they were made in China?

Child with head poked in an opening of the Great Wall of China at Badaling.Since I am thinking of China, here is a picture taken on top of the Great Wall.


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    Interesting Pictures

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