Throw Back Thursday – Classroom

Tonight I ran across some pictures that brought back some classroom memories.

students, phaco, classroomThese pictures are not the best quality as they were taken with an early digital camera that stored the pictures on floppy disks.

This picture brings back many memories and has ties to the past, present and future. I can’t share all the ties as it is work related.

However, I can say that the student looking at the printout is retiring this month and worked in an adjacent territory when I started working as a field service engineer many years ago. He was my mentor and later became my student as years went by. He has continued to mentor other new field service engineers, including the one who will take over his territory as he retires.

students, phaco, classroomThe pictures also bring back memories as we are currently moving out of our old building and into a new one. I have so many memories of teaching in this classroom.

students, phaco, classroom With his retirement the last of the students from this class has now either retired or moved on to another company. A common theme when I look at classroom pictures from my early days of teaching.



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