Fish Dish

Tonight I am thinking of fish dishes. I am not even sure how my mind wandered there, but I will share some pictures of fish dishes I have used before on the blog.Fish in China, Cuisine, Suzhou, Chinese FoodHere is a fish dish we had in Suzhou, China. This is one of my favorite presentations of fish in China.

St. Peter's Fish, St. Peter's Restaurant, Sea of GalileeHere another fish dish that brings back memories.

This is a St. Peter’s fish that I enjoyed by the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Fish and Chicken Bar, Glasgow, ScotlandThis fish dish is from Philadelphia Fish and Chicken Bar in Glasgow, Scotland.

Of course this is a good fish and chips lunch. I remember sitting in my colleagues car eating our lunch.

Fish Curry, Singaporean Cuisine, Straits Cafe, LunchHow about this fish dish. This fish curry was eaten at the Straits Cafe in Singapore.

Whole cooked fish - Shanghai, China - Chinese Food - Chinese Cuisine - Fish PresentationThe last fish dish I will share tonight is another whole fish. This one is from a dinner in Shanghai.

I really like the way fish dishes are presented in Asia.

Each of these bring back memories.




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