International Nurses Day

Tonight I looked at the calendar in my office and saw that today was International Nurses Day.

I have worked with many nurses over the years, but tonight I am thinking of three nurses in my family.

grandma, nurse, health Care legacyFirst, is my Grandmother. She worked for many years as a nurse.

Veterans Day 2012 - Great Uncle Fred - Freedom TrainSecond is my Great Uncle Fred who served as an Army nurse for 33 years in California, Germany, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. He was truly an international nurse.

nurse, memories, family nursesThird is my Aunt Shirley who also worked as nurse for many years. Here she is in her white uniform. It may not be the best picture but was the only one I could find quickly.

In the picture with my aunt is my Mom and my middle brother. This was shortly after the arrival of my youngest brother.

The background of this picture brings back a lot of memories.

I am also thinking of many family friends like Linda and Jane who were nurses.

Thanks for your service as nurses.


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1 Response to International Nurses Day

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Today a neighbor, a former nurse had her health care worker, a nurse working at her place.

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