Wednesday Word Search – Head

Welcome to another Wednesday Word Search where I pick a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

The word for tonight is: Head

This may be interesting as ‘head’ is sometimes part of longer words.

Will all the images I find be of heads?Mr Potato head, SFO museum, culture, potato head, no plastic spud

One of the first images that showed up in the search was of Mr. Potato Head since I just recently wrote a post about a display of toys from the 50’s at the SFO Museum.

Thunderheads, autumn thunderstorm, thunderstorm, rain, stormy weatherHere we have a big thunderhead.

scarves, mannequin heads, jerusalemHere are mannequin heads used to display scarves in the Old City of Jerusalem.

blog headers, bramans wanderings, wordpress blogI wondered why this image showed up, and then I realized they were all images I have used a headers for the blog.

Nischel, Karl Marx, Chemnitz, Socialism, Big Bust, HeadHere is a big sculpture of the head of Karl Marx in Chemnitz, Germany.

Fish Head - Chinese Food - Chinese Cuisine - Shanghai - Food Presentation - Whole FishI will add in one food picture with this fish head in Shanghai.

Definitely an interesting mix of images from a search for ‘head’. It is a good thing I searched for ‘head’ instead of ‘heads’ or you would not get as much variety in the images.

Which is your favorite ‘head’ picture?

What will be the next search term? Will I stick with searching for a body part?


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  1. Wednesday Word Search – Head

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