Gutter Cleaning

On Saturday I cleaned my gutters. It is definitely a job that I don’t like doing as it is dirty and also high off the ground.

I am re-using pictures from back in 2018 in this post, but most of the text is new 🙂

Ladder, cleaning gutters, fall house workI have had my ladder out a lot this week with trimming trees and now cleaning the gutters. I am getting pretty used to unfolding it.

It is a bit of a challenge to figure out where to place it against the house to get to where I want.

Leaves in gutter, fall house work, guttersA lot of leaves collect in the gutters, especially when there is a large tree close to one of the long gutters. The side of the house shown above doesn’t have any trees, but they blow over the roof and fill it up.

Gutter Cleaning tool, gutters,leavesThis time I did not use this metal pipe as much to push leaves down the gutter. Instead I grabbed a tool from the kitchen that really helped.

A pair of scissor tongs really helped in grabbing the leaves out of the gutter, and also extended my reach just a bit.

It was easy to lift them out and fling them out onto the ground.

Gutter leavings, leaves, sidewalkMy sidewalk down the side of the house looked similar to this when I was done. I am letting the rains wash them off the sidewalk, and in the other places I broke up the larger clumps and will just let them add fertilizer to the lawn.

Clean Gutter, Fall Work

The gutters are now much cleaner.

I have a couple small gutters that never get cleaned, they are simply too hard to get to from the ground and I am not going to climb up on the roof.

I am really glad that I don’t have a two story house.

I am seriously thinking of getting leaf guards for my gutters or hiring someone to clean the gutters in the future.



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