A Year without Buying Gas

Today is the anniversary of the last time that I bought gas for my car Bluey.

first fill up, bluey, gas station, gas tankIt is hard to believe that I have gone for an entire year without needing to fill up.

plug in hybrid, car, gas, fill-upHowever, there are a few good reasons.

First, I now drive a plug-in hybrid which takes a lot less gas to operate.

Foggy Commute, Dense Fog, Weather, Altamont PassSecond, I am not commuting 50 miles to work each day.

Before the shelter in place I had been excited that I was only getting gas once a month instead of once a week. I have only been gone to the office three times since the shelter in place. However, the frequency of those trips will begin to increase soon.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeThird, I do not take too many trips around town.

I only visit the grocery store about every two weeks.

curbside service, library, book drop, social distance, booksThe other place I visit frequently is the library for curbside pickup. This is perhaps 1-2 times a week depending on when books are due or I have something to pick up. I am thankful that I can still get books from across the state through Link+.

For the short trips around town I recharge the batteries overnight so there is no reason to use gas unless I take a long trip out of town.

I will have to use the rest of the tank of gas within the next six months as the fuel freshness mode will kick in after 18 months. I will then not be able to use the EV mode until the fuel level drops below one gallon or I fill it up when it has less than a 1/4 tank left.

As things start to open up, I am sure that my distance driving will increase and I will not have to worry about getting to the limit.

I just wonder what the price of gas will be by that time. I really haven’t looked to see what the local price is, but have heard that they are quickly rising.




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