Wednesday Word Search – Leg

Welcome to another Wednesday Word Search where I pick a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

The word for tonight is: Leg

This may be interesting as ‘leg’ is a short word and may just be part of a longer word.

Will all the images I find be of legs?

767 leg room, united, travel, airplanes, crew rest areaWe will start with a view of my legs and the legroom I had on a 767.

Front leg of dromedary camel in kneeling positionHow about the leg of a camel?

Lego Flowers, Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, Lego FlowersWhy did I get this picture with a search for ‘leg’?

Look close and you will notice that some of these flowers are made from legos.

Legio Excavations, Roman Military Camp, Legio VI FerrataHere is a picture of squares at the Legio dig near Megiddo in Israel.

Long legs, walking, hiking, short days, evening sunLook what long legs I have in this shadow picture.

Pembroke College, Cambridge University, Roger WilliamsI wondered why a bunch of pictures of buildings showed up until I realized they were all of colleges, like this one of Pembroke College in Cambridge.

Definitely an interesting mix of pictures from a search for ‘leg’. It is a good thing I searched for ‘leg’ instead of ‘legs’ as only the shadow picture showed up for the plural form.

Maybe ‘arm’ will be next.

Which is your favorite ‘leg’ picture?


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