Happy Birthday Little Sister

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

sister, birthday, little girl

Here is a wonderful picture that my Mother shared this morning. I don’t remember seeing it before.

Nebraska Fan, Little sister, nebraska cornhuskers, all in redMy sister may not like it that I am posting this picture, but it is actually one of my favorite pictures of her.

I like it that she was a Nebraska Cornhusker’s fan at one time 🙂

I lived in Nebraska when I was just out of college and became a Cornhusker fan.

Little sister, school picture, pigtailsThis is my favorite of her school pictures. She was so cute with her pigtails.

Hidding from picture, bus, sisterHere is another picture that I found. I found a few where she was avoiding a picture 🙂

ghost picture, picture overlay, double exposureI also found this double exposure picture. This is both my youngest brother and little sister. This picture brings back so many memories, as I know where each of them were taken.

Happy Birthday Sis!



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  1. Thanks for caring about your family.

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