Red Weekend

This weekend two holidays that are associated with Red are being celebrated.

Chinese New Year Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Nanjing Road, HolidaysToday is the Lunar New Year and celebrations will last over several days.

Panda Express, Chinese New Year, Red Packet, Chop sticks, American Chinese FoodI will usually go out to lunch or dinner at a Chinese, Korean or other Asian restaurant on Lunar New Years Day. However, this year I will be celebrating at home with a frozen entree heated up in the microwave.

Korean Food, Pork Katsu, Korean New YearIt would have been nice to have some pork katsu at the Korean restaurant near the office.

Chocodile Twinkies, Cherry Twinkies, Cherry Flavored, Valentine's DayIt is also Valentine’s Day this weekend and I am sure that the stores were full of red. I saw a large collection of chocolate and other Valentine’s items at the grocery store, but didn’t buy anything.

Century Old Valentines - Happy Valentine's Day - Old Valentine Cards - HeartsAs usual many cards will be given this weekend and most of them will have red on them.

It will be a very different Valentine’s Day this year since we are only starting to recover from the worst numbers of the pandemic.

Hopefully people will be smart and have a socially distanced Valentine’s Day and help slow the spread even further.

I am also reminded of a Valentine’s Day long long ago when I brought a girlfriend gifts from a trip I had just returned from to India, Singapore and China. She liked the gifts, but was upset that I didn’t give her anything that was red, had hearts, or was Valentine’s Day related.

Oh, and this is also President’s Day weekend.

There is a lot to celebrate this weekend.


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