Hobby Lobby Coming Soon

Rumors have been circulating that a Hobby Lobby is coming to our town.

hobby Lobby, Norcal, Tracy, New store, Hobbies, memoriesThere are already Hobby Lobby stores in Northern California, but none are nearby. There is one by my office, but I have only been to it a few times. When work is over I want to head home. Plus, I have only been to my office once in the last 10 months.

hobby Lobby, Norcal, Tracy, New store, Hobbies, memoriesWith Hobby Lobby posting a job for a Tracy location the rumors were fueled even more. Finally last week they confirmed with the local newspaper that they would open in the old JC Penney store location. However, not until sometime next year.

I am looking forward to having a much larger hobby store close by that has a much better selection.

hobby Lobby, Norcal, Tracy, New store, Hobbies, memories

Picture from Google Maps.

I remember many visits to the Gladstone Hobby Lobby when I lived back in Missouri. I bought quite a few craft supplies there that I still have 🙂 However, I can no longer go back to the Gladstone store as the location has closed.

With a local Hobby Lobby I could have searched for the yarn that my sister could not find back in Iowa.

Now I am wondering which hobbies might tempt me if I have a better source for supplies nearby.

Should I organize my coins and currency from around the world? Should I pull out my stamp collection? Maybe I should do some leather work or perhaps some drawing or painting.




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