Virtual Hike to the Saugus Iron Works

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was the Saugus Iron Works in Massachusetts where my 10th great grandfather Joseph Jenks worked.National Historic Site, Saugus Iron Works, Joseph Jenks, Inventor

This segment of the Virtual Hike started in Plymouth, Massachusetts where my 10th Great Grandfather George Soule arrived in 1620 on the Mayflower.

Saugus Iron works, saugus massachusetts, virtual hikeJoseph Jenks (Jenkes) came to Massachusetts in 1646. Jenks had originally come from England where he was last recorded in 1639. He did not come directly to Saugus as he was recorded as operating a blacksmith shop on the Agamenticus River in Maine in 1641.

Saugus Iron works, saugus massachusetts, virtual hikeThe Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site is known as the birthplace of American iron work.

Saugus Iron Works - Saugus, Massachusetts - Boston - First Fire Engine - Joseph Jenckes - Colonial InventionThe main attractions at the historic park include the forge and rolling mill that are seen in this picture. When the park is open they give guided tours and talk about how everything worked together at the Iron Works.

The buildings here were reconstructed in the mid 1900’s.

Joseph Jenks, Blacksmith, Saugus Iron Works, InventorJoseph Jenckes set up a smaller forge at the Saugus Iron Works where he worked as a tool maker. He is known for several of his inventions and activities related to his work with metal.

His workshop was just down slope from the larger buildings above. This picture is of the area where it stood.

The building has not been reconstructed, but the area has been excavated in the past and many artifacts were found that gave an idea of the work that he performed.

I am still plotting out the route of my virtual hike, but the next destination will definitely be to the north. How far north I will wander on my virtual hike is the question.


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