Ready for Dandelions

I am ready for dandelions. I always start thinking of them when Groundhog Day arrives and we start wondering how long it will be until spring.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsI ran across a paragraph from a post that I wrote four years ago for Groundhog Day:

Will it be six more weeks or four more weeks of winter? I am not sure. I am not ready for six more weeks of winter so I will just go spend the two week difference where it is summer and then I will not have six more weeks of winter. I will have either four or two 🙂

I was getting ready for a trip to Australia, which was something I was also getting ready for last year. Unfortunately, that trip did not take place.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsDandelions are often the first flowers of spring, so are very welcome.

Dandelion - Blowball - Taraxacum - Irish Daisy - Puff-ballDandelions are also important to honey bees as they are an early food source for them.Dandelion, Spring Signs, YardI was looking through my blog pics for yellow dandelions and couldn’t find any. That is because I like the later stage much better.

Dandelion, Seeds, Blowing Seeds, SpringIt is always fun to watch the seeds blow off of the dandelion heads.

Perhaps I should take a series of pictures that show the life of a dandelion.


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