Late Year Sunset

This afternoon when I went to the mailbox I looked to the sky and it looked like we would probably have a nice sunset tonight.

wispy clouds, winter sky, clearing skysTo the east we had some wispy clouds. In the morning it had been overcast and dark, but it cleared up throughout the day.

scattered clouds, sunset hope, california sky, winter skyTo the west there were more scattered clouds and these were the ones that promised a nice sunset.

sunset, eastern, clouds, winter sunsetWhen I went out later I looked again to the east and it looked like the sunset was in the wrong direction. This is very common to see what I call a backset. I believe that is because of the distance we are from the hills to the west. The hills block some of the wavelengths of light that would normally light up the clouds to the east.

late year sunset, red sky, grey skyLooking to the west the sky was much more colorful and a true sunset.

winter sunset, end of year sunset, colorfufl skyAs the sun continued to go down the sky got a bit more colorful.

A nice beautiful sunset as the year is drawing to a close. We often get nice sunsets in winter as it is our rainy season.

Just a few more days of the year. I have two more days of work and then it is time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next one.



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