Jeopardy! Inspiration

Tonight the inspiration for my post came from Jeopardy!

In Final Jeopardy! the category was Famous Places.

As soon as I saw the answer I knew what the question was. The answer was something like Joan Sutherland Theatre, Singer, Utzon Room, Architect and 1973.

I remembered the name Utzon and therefore knew the question.

Sydney Opera House, Winter, Sunset, Sydney, AustraliaI remember visiting the Utzon room and knew that I had taken pictures of it, but could not find them tonight. However I have plenty of pictures of the outside of the opera house that he built.

Sydney Opera House, Australia, seagull, harbourThe question for Final Jeopardy! was ‘What is the Sydney Opera House?’

Only one of the finalist tonight knew the answer.

Sydney Opera House - Red Canna Lillies - Royal Botanical GardensYou can just barely see the Sydney Opera House in this picture.

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerI have pictures of the building from many different places over the years.

View from Taronga Zoo - Sydney Harbour - Harbour Bridge - Sydney Opera House - Taronga ZooThis one is from the Taronga Zoo.

I will have to search some more for the pictures. I just can’t remember on which of my many trips to Sydney I took the tour.

Jeopardy! is usually good for inspiration when I need a topic for a blog post 🙂





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