Early Christmas Lights

This weekend I noticed a lot more Christmas lights than usual for this time of year.

December winter walk, christmas decorations, Star Wars DecorationsI thought about why this was the case.

Inflatables, decorations, Colorful Holiday DisplayPerhaps it is because people have more time since they are staying home because many activities have been cancelled.

Noel, Christmas Decorations, HolidaysPerhaps people are just getting into the holiday spirit earlier since it has been a very rough year.Star Light, Christmas Lights, December, ChristmasPerhaps it is because many more people will be celebrating Christmas at home instead of traveling.

Santa Hat, Christmas Time, DecemberOr, perhaps it is because Thanksgiving is almost as late as it can be this year.

Thanksgiving is on the 26th and the latest possible date is the 28th.

Is it too early to wear my Santa hat, or should I wait until after Thanksgiving?




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1 Response to Early Christmas Lights

  1. I noticed the same trend! Interestingly enough, I am now in Kalona, Iowa’s largest Amish settlement, and will be heading down to Bloomfield, the next largest Amish settlement this morning. And tomorrow morning heading North to the Chester, IA which is in an Amish settlement near the Minnesota border. Of course this info, I would only know because I follow your blog posts! 🙂

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