Scary Spiders

It is October and only a couple weeks until Halloween so I will share some scary spider pictures. I am also thinking of spiders as I took some good spider pictures yesterday.

spider, bee, captured prey, rose petalsHere a spider has been hiding in a rose bloom and has captured a bee that has come to pollinate the flower. I like the detail in this picture with the hairy legs and the eyes. This is indeed a scary spider.

Black Widow Spider - Arachnid - Scary Anthropoda - Poisonous SpiderHere is a scary black widow.

orb spiderThis spider was at the  Golden Palms in Bangalore, India. I spent two weeks at this resort teaching courses years ago.

Orb Spider - Spider in Australia - Spider Web - Garden SpiderThis orb spider spun a web in North Ryde, Australia. I like the spots of color on the joints of the legs.

Spider on Web, Walk, Path, crittersHere is another colorful spider that I saw in Cambridge, England.

Which of these spiders is the scariest?


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