Here is another poem from my Grandma’s scrapbooks that I illustrated with pictures I have taken.

October Poem, Maitland Bushby


October! October!

There’s magic in the name —-

A clear sky, a blue sky,

And sunsets all aflame.

Beautiful Sunset - California Central Valley - Patterson - Westley - Colorful Sunset - Mountain Sunset

October! October!

It’s harvest time again;

The high corn, the low corn,

Is gathered in the bin.

Iowa cornfield, ready for harvest, Iowa, corn, tall corn state

October! October!

The birds sing with swelled throats;

A long song, a last song,

Of tender parting notes.

sialia mexicana, western bluebird, bird in puddle

October! October!

The hills are all aglow

With red leaves, with gold leaves,

That dance when soft winds blow.

North of Toronto, Fall Color, Autumn, Colorful Trees

October! October!

I love you more each year;

Your warm days, your soft days,

To me they are most dear.

D. Maitland Bushby

Patterson, California - Golden Hills - Diablo Grande - Fall ColorSteven

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