Last Weekend of Summer

This is the last weekend of summer and I am looking forward to fall.

Wall Art, Four Seasons, Street Art, MuralIt has been an unusual summer of course with many activities canceled because of Covid-19. I am hoping that by next summer the ability to travel will have improved so that I can spend part of it in Israel.

Sydney Botanic Gardens, Royal Botanic, Spring StatueThe hottest days of the year are drawing to a close. Of this I am glad as we have had some very hot days this year.

California wild fires, red sky, smoky sky, red tinged cloudsIt will be good that fire season will be drawing to an end as well. However, it runs well past the start of fall.

Wall Art, Four Seasons, Street Art, MuralFall will of course bring us falling leaves and changes in color to foliage. The days will shorten and we will have cooler weather.

However, many of the fall activities will still be curtailed by Covid-19.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Autumn, Statue, Four SeasonsOf course, fall is also known as autumn and since I shared the summer statue from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney above I must share the one for autumn.

Beautiful Red Fall Leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana - Lew Wallace Study MuseumAre you ready for fall?



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