A Labor Day Picture

Today I ran across a picture that was taken on Labor Day in 1956.

council bluffs, iowa, h & R cafe, bramanThe picture started me thinking about how my great grandfather Harvie Braman labored in his life. I will show the front of the picture later in the post.

braman, automobile factory, Omaha, Nebraska, Tip-Top FordIn the 1930 census Harvie was living in Omaha, Nebraska and was working as a laborer in an automobile factory. We are not sure which factory he was working in, but it was most likely the nearby Ford factory that was still producing the Model T until 1932. See: TipTop Ford

In the census he was a boarder with the Wilcox family. It is interesting to see some of the other occupations listed. Walter Wilcox was a Chauffeur for a private family. His brother was a finisher in an automobile factory. Florence was a dressmaker and neighbors were a Janitor in a church and a commercial traveler for Kodak. Further down on the page were others that worked for Kodak which has a long history in Omaha.

concrete company, Omaha, bramanIn 1940 Harvie was living in Omaha and was a Laborer for a concrete company. He is living with his third wife Ruth. If found it interesting that his neighbor Hanna was a Saleslady at an Ice Cream Stand.  Most likely at a Reed’s which had many locations in Omaha in 1940 including several nearby to where they lived.

Harvie Braman, death certificate, council bluffs, Jennie Edmunson, restaurant ownerAt the time of his death in 1956 at the age of 64, Harvie was a restaurant owner-operator in Council Bluffs.

cafe, council bluffs, harvie braman, ruth, labor dayThis picture of Harvie was taken on Labor Day in 1956 and would have been one of the last pictures taken of him as he passed away at the end of November of a carcinoma. He is in the stockroom of the H & R Cafe in Council Bluffs, Iowa along with his wife Ruth.

Harvie had a few other occupations as when he was younger he worked on a farm and he also drove a truck for the Omaha Box Company.

It is interesting to find out how your ancestors labored.

For more of what labors my ancestors did you can visit my post Labor Day.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday today and didn’t labor too much.




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7 Responses to A Labor Day Picture

  1. That is a treasured memory.

  2. Barbara Ray says:

    Was Ruth Braman formerly Ruth Fry and then Ruth Carpenter? If so, she would have been my grandmother.

  3. Barbara Ray says:

    She was my father’s mother and my grandmother. My father’s birth name was Alonzo Carpenter. He had a sister and younger brother and when their father died, Ruth had to place them in an orphanage. My father was adopted and he did not see her again. His name was changed to Allan Sievers. This is the first picture I have ever seen of her. Do you have more pictures of her that I could see?

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