Lachish Thoughts

This week I have been wearing some of my Lachish t-shirts.

Lachish, Fourth Expedition, Selfie, BeardNormally you will seldom see me in a t-shirt. I almost always wear a collared shirt. However, with sheltering in place I now almost always wear a t-shirt around the house. I have been pulling out many of my old t-shirts to wear, and most of them have some significance.

archaeology, lachish, israel, sceptreLachish was in the news about a month ago. An announcement was made about a sceptre that had been found in the temple we were digging in a few years ago. The scepter was found after our team left for the season.

Archaeology, Archaeological Dig, Lachish, Dig, BucketsHowever, it is always interesting to see the sites that I have worked at mentioned in the news as I learn more about what has happened to some of the finds and what has been learned from them.

Lachish, Tel Lachish, Late Bronze Canaanite Temple, Archaeology, InscriptionI still am not sure exactly where the scepter was found, but here is a picture of us digging in the temple area.

Archaeology, certificate, dig, israel, lachishI always have great memories when I see Lachish in the news. Going on an archaeological dig is a great experience and I look forward to my next dig.


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