Watching for the Mantises

Over the past week I have been watching for the praying mantises when doing my daily check of the roses.

I have only seen one so far, but it does look bigger. I believe that the ones that I saw earlier were newly hatched nymphs.

praying mantis nymphI have done a bit of research and find that when they hatch out the nymphs eat quite a bit. Most likely it is why I am no longer seeing a lot of aphids on my roses. It is also why I am probably not seeing as many as I did the first time as they also eat their siblings.

roses, praying mantis, nymphI had a bit of trouble focusing on the praying mantis, but the edge of the leaf is really in focus 🙂

rose bush, praying mantis, nymphI hope that I continue to see a few of the praying mantises in my rose bushes throughout the rest of the year.

yard work, roses, pruning, praying mantisHere is a praying mantis that I saw last year. Perhaps this one laid the eggs that hatched this year.

yellow roses, st. patrick roses, rose bushHere is a picture of the rose bush the little mantis nymph has been feeding in.


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1 Response to Watching for the Mantises

  1. Cathy. Cain says:

    Upon completing my adventures this weekend, a grasshopper decided to give a ride on my external rear view mirror of my car. Noticed it this last 5 mins. Previous to returning to my abode, I gracefully placed it in the grass, since it was a grass hopper.

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