Virtually in Mexico

Tomorrow morning I will be virtually in Mexico as I present a webinar for engineers there.

Since I will be virtually in Mexico I thought I would share just a few images that are wandering through my mind tonight.

Mexico City, Museo Nacional de AntropologíaI am thinking of my visit to the Museo Nacional de Antropología.

Mexico City Overhead View - View from Torre Latinoamericana - September 19 - Mexico City Earthquake - Earthquake Drill I am thinking of the view over Mexico City from the Torre Latinoamericana.

Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacán - Mexican Pyramids - ArchaeologyI am thinking of a visit to Teotihuacán and climbing to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Classic VW Beetle - Volkswagen Beetle - Mexico City - Slug Bug - Punch BuggyI am thinking of walking through the streets of Mexico City and seeing many classic VW Beetles.

Flan in Mexico - Uruguayan Restaurant - Parilla - Argentinian Style Restaurant - Desserts in Mexico - CaramelI am thinking of some wonderful desserts I have eaten in Mexico City like this flan.

Chicken Soup - Shredded Chicken - Polla Sopa - CoyoacanI am thinking of some of the wonderful soups I have enjoyed in Mexico.

Metropolitan Cathedral. old stairs, worn stairs, Mexico CityI am also thinking of these well worn steps I saw while climbing to the top of the Metropolitan Cathedral. We were not allowed to climb these stairs, but followed another route to the roof.

A lot of memories as I prepare for my webinar tomorrow.


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