Thunderstorm in May?

It is rare to get rain this late in the year here in California, and even rarer to have a thunderstorm.

However, the weather has been very unpredictable this year. Two days ago it was well over 100 and setting daily records and today thunderstorms.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherIt was real interesting to get a lightning proximity warning on my phone. I did not know that these existed. It seldom storms like this in California.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherThe rain was coming down very heavy and the thunder was rumbling in the sky. I thought I was back in Kansas.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherHere you can see the rain a little better. It was coming down in streams at times.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherWe even had a little bit of hail. I first heard it hitting on the windows. Luckily it was only very small.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherIt was nice however to look out the window and see the rain. Also to hear the thunder. I really do miss thunderstorms in the summer.

Are you having unseasonal weather where you live?


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1 Response to Thunderstorm in May?

  1. Our thunderstorms usually happen in the summer, in the afternoons, and they can be quite dramatic! Last year on May 25th, we had an epic hail storm in our Frazier Park mountain community (our home’s elevation about 5,500′). I’ve lived up her nearly 30 years and this one took the cake! (I wrote about it in my journal.) The hail lasted several hours — bouncing hail balls onto our lawn and decks, and our flower pots in white. It pock marked our spa cover. Destroyed our roof in two large areas, (our across-the-street neighbor filed an insurance claim and replaced his entire roof!) But the worst damage was pummeling the fresh young cottonwood leaves. A few days later, when the garbage man came in his big truck, he asked what on earth happened? Under every tree was a large patch of destroyed leaves . . . I told him about the hail. “Ah! I couldn’t figure out why so much damage to the trees!” Weather like that always makes me appreciate the calm days! Best to you :)) Dawn

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