Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Tonight my mind has wandered to Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

I have been to Japan several times during the Cherry Blossom season and it is a very beautiful time to visit.

Cherry Trees, Cherry Blossoms, Shinjuku Gyoen, Park, GardensLast year I made a trip at just the right time and saw these beautiful blossoms in Tokyo.

Cherry Blossoms, New National Stadium, Tokyo, 2020 Olympics in TokyoI also saw these cherry blossoms by the Olympic stadium which was nearing the end of construction. We will have to wait to see the events which have been postponed by a year.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Cherry trees blooming - White BlossomsI was mainly thinking today of a trip I made to Tokyo six years ago for a conference. I was really excited at that time as I knew that I would be there at the peak of the season.

Above is a picture of the beautiful cherry blossoms that were by Sophia University.

Ueno, Japan - Cherry Blossoms - Japan - Blossoms - Beautiful Cherry BlossomsCherry blossom viewing or hanami is a traditional Japanese custom and many people turn out to view the blooms each spring. Especially at Ueno and other parks around the country.

Cherry Blossoms - Japan - Traditions - Cherry Blossom Viewing - TokyoGetting together with friends or family to share a meal or snacks is also a custom with hanami. This year you will not see a scene like this due to social distancing. Also many traditional viewing spots are closed down.

There are many different websites that post a Cherry Blossom forecast with information about peak viewing times and when cherry blossoms in different areas of the country will start to appear. This year many of the websites have suspended their forecast to discourage people from traveling to areas away from their home.

It is nice to have pictures to trigger some nice memories.


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