Home Time is Tea Time

Since I am working from home tea time is more often and with better tea.

Golden Tea Color, Oolong Tea, Dong Ding Oolong, Icy PeakIt is much easier here at home to make a really good cup of tea.

Loose tea, Saturday Tea Towel, tea, loose leaf tea, leaf teaI also have many different types of tea to choose from.

Rooibos Tea, Bucha Tea, South Africa, TeaI have some good South African teas to choose from.

Tea Prep, Sophia Blend, Sophia Peabody, Jolie TeaI have some good Black teas.

Bird Pick tea and herb, oolong teas, tea, loose tea, tea samplerI have some good Oolong teas. Actually, more different types of Oolong than any other.

Japanese Green tea, oi ocha, tea please, tea time, brewingI have some good Japanese Green tea that I picked up during my last trip.

Thursday Tea, Brahmin Tea, Steven Smith TeamakerI also have some tea that is close to my name. Brahmin tea from Steven Smith Teamaker. Unfortunately when I am out of this tea I can’t buy this tea by the same name. It is now known as British Brunch.

The big decision each day is what tea to drink. Perhaps I should count how many different types that I have. I know that it is less than a hundred :-).


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1 Response to Home Time is Tea Time

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Home Time is Tea Time

    I also have some tea that is close to my name

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