First Rose

On Saturday I was out in the yard early to try and get the front lawn mowed before it started raining.

tall grass, yard work, lawn need to mowHere you can see that it really needed mowing. I had fertilized the lawn a couple weeks ago and the grass was growing fast.

front yard, mowed, mowing, green grassThe lawn soon looked much better. You can also see that my roses have really come back from their pruning.

mowing, mowed, yard work, yard, grassThe side yard doesn’t look quite as good as it had a lot of weeds. I actually had to first use the string cutter to knock down the weeds. You can hardly tell, but I also cleaned out some of the weeds in the yard next door. Hopefully someone will move in soon and take care of the yard.

first rose, miniature rose, rose gardenWhile trimming along my rose garden I also notice my first rose of the growing season. The yellow rose is on my smallest rose bush. At one time this little rose bush was in a little pot and had miniature roses. Now they are much bigger, but still small.

rain, yard work, drive way

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