Counting Countries II

Tonight I have been thinking about countries and maps. As I hear the news from around the world I always picture where countries are on the map. I am pretty good at knowing where most countries are, but still have a little trouble with Africa.

blog stats, country visits, geographyI also like to see where people are from who visit my blog.

Above is a map of all the countries where I have had visits from. You can see that there are not too many big gaps in the map.

All time Country Visits September 2012Here is a map from September 2012 of the countries. You can see that the map has really filled in since then.

blog posts, country visitsHere are the visits from just the last month. You can see that I get visits from all over the world.

least visits countries, blog stats

Here are some of the countries that have only one of two all-time views. For some of these countries I really have to think to come up with where they are.

In all I have visits from 210 countries/regions. Back in 2012 I had visits from only 76 countries. There are not too many more places that I can get visits from. Most are in Africa, but there is also North Korea to watch for and perhaps a few island nations.

Keeping an eye on the blog stats has definitely helped me improve my knowledge of Geography. It even helped with a Geography question one night.

Of course we are also seeing a lot of maps in the news during the last month as we watch the spread of COVID-19.



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1 Response to Counting Countries II

  1. I love counting countries on my stats page too. Even with a decent grasp of geography, I too get views from countries I know very little about (usually some small Pacific island nation) and makes me Google plus learn something new about a country I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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