A Quiet Christmas

I have been having a quiet week and today celebrated Christmas with a few friends who I have known for many years.

It is good to have some quiet time to recharge after a long, busy year.

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens - The Crane Classics - 1908Last night I read A Christmas Carol. I try to read this classic Christmas story each year.

Santa, Hot Tub, Pool, Rudolph, Polar BearThe friends who I had Christmas dinner with own a pool company and have a great blow-up decoration in their front yard.

ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey, rollsWe had a nice dinner this afternoon of ham, turkey, green beans and stuffing.

ornament, christmas market, church ornamentI brought back an ornament from the Christmas markets in Germany to give to my friend. I am not sure what the camera was focusing on, but the ornament is a bit out of focus.

Christmas Gift, chocolates, christmas treeI had a gift under the tree, and now have some truffles to enjoy.

I am now ready for a few more quiet days before the end of the year. Plenty of time to recharge for the new year.


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