Home to Roses

It is always nice to come home from a trip and see my roses. This is true even in December.

yellow roses, rose bushes, december, winterIt was too dark when I got home last Saturday, but I took this picture on Sunday. You can see that I still have a lot of yellow roses.

Tropican rose, december rose, winter roseI have a few Tropicana roses, but not too many. In this picture you can see Old Blue who had now been relegated to the curb.

Winter roses, yellow rosesHere is a closer view of the yellow roses.

yellow roses, winter roses, december rosesThe roses are a little ragged from the rain, but still look pretty nice.

Mowing, yard, roses, shadow, green grass in winterOne last view from Sunday. I took this after mowing the lawn. You can see the rose bushes to the right and on the left the shadow of Old Blue. I will only have the shadow of Old Blue on my lawn for another week.

Now for some sleep. I am still really tired when I get home from work. The jet lag is still hanging on a bit.


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