Tuesday Afternoon Walk

This afternoon I took a walk at work.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, California, ConstructionAs usual I took a route that would take me by the construction site near our office. The building is really progressing.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, California, ConstructionToday they put up the first panels of the curtain wall. The look of the building will now really start changing

November, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Wild TurkeyOn the way back to the office I ran into some of the local wild turkeys. I really like their colorful feathers.

turkeys, Thanksgiving, November, Dublin, CaliforniaHere I caught the tail feathers of one of the turkeys in a beam of sunlight and the color really stood out.

It is a nice reminder that Thanksgiving is on the way. Is it really November already?

mexican tacos, authentic tacos, mexican foodIt was a good thing I had a nice long walk in the afternoon as my neighbors were having a birthday party this evening.  The aromas from the grill had been drifting into my kitchen and I couldn’t resist wandering over and having a nice plate of authentic Mexican tacos.

It is so nice to have good neighbors up and down the block.


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1 Response to Tuesday Afternoon Walk

  1. It sounds like you had a great day.

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