Old Barn Pics

Tonight let us take a look inside an old barn.

California Barn, Old Barn, Red Barn, Farm CountryBarns are always intriguing to me. I always get a barn calendar each year. The calendars usually only show the outside of the barns. I always wonder what is inside.

barns, california barns, old barnsYou may get some interesting light patterns in an old barn. Barns need ventilation for crop storage so there is sometimes some spacing between the boards in the upper ends.

galvanized steel, steel tubs, buckets, old barnsYou may find some galvanized steel buckets or tubs.

BT type halogen bulb, old wiring lightingYou may find some old wiring and bulbs. This is an old BT Type Halogen bulb.

barn workshop, old vise, old barnsYou may find a workshop in an old barn. I really like this old Olympia vise. This is very handy when you need an extra hand that is really strong 🙂


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