A Long Ago Trip to India

Yesterday I was going through some old pictures and found some interesting ones from a trip to India. I was thinking about them today as I wrote an e-mail to a colleague in India.

The Dominion, Bangalore, Trip to IndiaThis trip to Bangalore was back in January of 2000 and was part of a longer trip that also included courses in Singapore and Shanghai.

The training was held at The Dominion resort north of Bangalore. I still remember the landscaped grounds, including these shaped plants.

Bangalore, Students, classroom, India TrainingI had a large number of students in my course. I usually only have a course size of about six students as we do a lot of hands on activities. This course was a bit of a challenge.

Looking at the picture I see familiar faces as some of these engineers are still working for our company.

Cauvery Boat Ride, Mysore, India, KarnatakaOn the weekend we did a bit of sightseeing. One of the things that we did was visit a nature preserve. See: Boating on the Cauvery

Mysore, Bangalore, Hills, sunsetWe also visited Mysore and before heading back to Bangalore stopped at Chamundi Hills. There was a great view of the sunset over Mysore from the top of the hill.

Chamundi Hills, Mahishasura, Mysore, Sunset, DemonOn top of the hill are several temples and also a large statue of the demon Mahishasura.

I really like the way the trees and statue are silhouetted against the sunset.

A lot of good memories as I write this tonight.


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