Leaves on Sidewalks

Today was the first day of fall, so here are some images of leaves on sidewalks.

Jena park, circle, fall color, autumnThe trees start to change color and the fallen leaves collect on the sidewalks.

This is a nice little park near where I stay when I am in Jena, Germany.

Leaves on Sidewalk - Colorful Tree - Fall Color - Dublin, California - November Fall Foliage - Red LeavesThis is a little closer to home as it is by our office.

Beautiful Red Fall Leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana - Lew Wallace Study MuseumThese three leaves were on the sidewalk leading up to the Lew Wallace Study in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Do you know what book Lew Wallace is known for? Click here to find out.

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesThis sidewalk is outside of a country club in San Ramon.

Picture of leaves on the sidewalk in Berlin - White leavesHere are some pretty leaves on a sidewalk in Berlin.

Each of these images bring back many memories.

I hope you enjoyed these leaves on sidewalks.


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2 Responses to Leaves on Sidewalks

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  2. To a creative person the designs are worth much.

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