Almost Autumn

Autumn is almost here. It is easy for me to remember about when autumn starts as it is always either on my brother’s birthday or the day after.

Missouri River Boat Race, MR 340, Bridge, SelfieThis year it is the day after, which means that Monday will be the first day of autumn this year.

Yellow Red Leaves, Autumn, Tree Color, Fall ColorI am looking forward to the colors of autumn. I hope that we have a lot of good color this year.

Fall Color, Canada, Red LeavesThe color change comes a bit later here in California. When I was in Canada last month there was already a little bit of color starting to appear.

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesI am looking forward to seeing scenes like this in the coming months.

Carmen lagos Signes, An Autumn Day, Poetry, Autumn Poems, Fall PoemsI am definitely looking forward to some autumn days.

I will probably see a lot of birds flying south as the Central Valley is a migratory route.

Plus, the nights are getting cooler and I can really enjoy sleeping with the windows open.

Are you ready for autumn?


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