Some Favorite Animal Pictures

Tonight I was at a loss for what to post, and then ran across one of my favorite animal pictures.

So, tonight will be a compilation of some animal pictures I have taken.

Stalking Horse Bidder - Hostess Brands - Dolly Madison - TwinkiesFirst the picture that started my mind wandering toward favorite animal pictures.

I took this picture of a horse while in Argentina. My sister and I visited the Estancia Santa Susana on the way to the airport after our trip to Antarctica.

Perfect Timing - Sea Lion - Taronga Zoo - Nose on BallThis picture always comes to mind when I think of good animal pictures that I have taken. For this shot I had Perfect Timing to catch the sea lion with nose against the target.

This picture was taken at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) Big TeethAlso at the Taronga Zoo I took a picture of the teeth of a saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus).

Taronga Zoo - Sumatran Tiger - Panthera tigris sumatrae - Zoo - TigersHere is another picture from the same zoo. I really like this picture of a tiger.

Cat - Feline - Cat Eyes - Tarragon the Cat - KittyI just realized that I have way too many favorite animal pictures. I usually use five pictures in a post, and could use dozens in this one.

So, will just add one of my favorite cat pictures to make it five.

Which of these pictures do you like best?



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2 Responses to Some Favorite Animal Pictures

  1. The horses, with the tiger, a close second!

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