SFO is an easily recognized airport code, it is for the San Francisco International Airport.air canada 777, SFO, YYZ, airportsYYZ is not so easy. However, if you know that all Canadian airport codes start with Y then you know that it is in Canada.air canada 777, SFO, YYZ, airportsHere is the Air Canada 777 that I flew on from SFO to YYZ today.air canada 777, SFO, YYZ, airportsIf you have been following my posts you know that I was flying to Toronto this week.air canada 777, SFO, YYZ, airportsSo, how does Toronto have an airport code of YYZ?  For this you have to go back in history. The Toronto Pearson Airport was built on the site of Malton, Ontario. Back in the days of the telegraph, the Canadian Railway station at Malton had a telegraph code of YZ.

You would think that Toronto would be YTO, but this was already in use as an umbrella code for all the Toronto area airports.
SFO, Kota Esawa, Beatles, JFK
One more picture from the trip. Today was the first time I have taken a picture of this artwork at the San Francisco airport. I usually don’t make it down as far as Gate 100, and it has only been there for about two years. This piece of art based on the iconic picture of the Beatles arriving at JFK on their first tour of the US was created by Kota Ezawa.

I always enjoy the art at the San Francisco airport.


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