Tonight I decided that I needed to post some pictures of hippos. Not sure exactly why they wandered into my thoughts, but here they are.

I had planned on sharing pictures from five different zoos, but couldn’t seem to find the pictures I was looking for. Instead, you get pictures from two different zoos.

Hippopotamus amphibius big teeth Toronto ZooHippopotamus amphibius is an interesting animal. The name means river horse and it is the third largest land animal, with only Elephants and Rhinoceros being larger. As large as it is, you better watch out as it can run faster than man despite its stubby little legs. One surprising fact I found was that it is considered to be the most dangerous animal in Africa. Especially when I think about what other animals come from Africa.

I took this picture at the Toronto Zoo, and you can see how big of teeth a hippo has.

Hippopotamus, open mouth, Toronto ZooI also like this picture that shows how wide hippos can open their mouth.

(Hippopotamus amphibius), hippopotamus, river horse, zoo, sao paulo zooNext will be a hippo from the Sao Paulo Zoo. Here is the picture that I shared in my post Anteater to Zebra. We get a nice front view of the hippo.

(Hippopotamus amphibius), hippopotamus, river horse, zoo, sao paulo zooHow about a less flattering view from behind? This is definitely a rotund animal 🙂

(Hippopotamus amphibius), hippopotamus, river horse, zoo, sao paulo zooThe side view is also interesting. The hippo definitely does not look very fast, but remember it can run faster than a man. It hardly seems possible.

I saw a lot of interesting pictures while hunting for other pictures of hippos, so you may see some more zoo pictures in the near future. Or not 🙂 It depends on where my mind wanders.

I hope you enjoyed these hippo pics.




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