Photographing Finds

One of the things that has to be done at the dig is photographing finds.

It can be something small like a pot, or something larger like a section of a wall or a silo.

The important part is to get consistent light and sometimes that is a big challenge.

Here we have three people holding up a cloth to block the sun from shining on a wall segment.

I also helped with some photography today and we had a bit of fun.

We have to make sure that the area is well cleaned and that all the boot marks are swept out. We also have to place a measuring stick, direction arrow and locus tag. It is fun when the photographer asks you to make a small change in position and you have to dance across rocks or sweep your way out.

The last two days have been hard as we dig on Sunday afternoon and then early Monday morning.

Now to bed early as we have to be up at 4:00 again. You are thankful later in the day when you leave the site in early afternoon.


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