A Visit to the Rockefeller

In my many trips to Jerusalem, I have never visited the Rockefeller Museum. Today I had my chance as one of the members of our group wanted to visit it.

rockefeller, museum, Jerusalem, archaeology

The picture above is of the inner courtyard and is very scenic.

The museum was opened in 1938 as the Palestine Archaeological Museum, but was also known as the Rockefeller Museum.

The museum collection is mainly of items found during the British Mandate which ended in 1948.

Iron Age, Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, pottery, archaeology

The items in the displays were simply marked with numbers and many of the cards for the displays were missing. The items above are all from the Iron Age, which is of interest to me as we are currently digging through this era at our dig.

iron age metal objects

I also liked this row of small metal objects. There are both animal and human forms displayed here.

It would be really cool to go through this part of the collection with someone who could describe the different pieces.

tomb, sarcophagus. birds nest, Rockefeller Museum

From the end of the British Mandate to the 7 Day War in 1967 the museum was run by a board consisting of members from academies, museums and antiquities departments from around the world. After the war the museum was officially named as the Rockefeller Museum and has been managed by the Israel Museum and the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Today the Israel Museum is the main focus for tourism and the Rockefeller Museum seems to have been neglected.

One thing that we found interesting was a birds nest on top of one of the sarcophagi in the courtyard area.

Megiddo, Sixth Roman Legion, Altar, Legio

This altar in the courtyard was found at Megiddo and is from the 3rd century. The inscription is from the Sixth Roman Legion which was known as Ferrata. The legion was based just outside of Megiddo in the early 200’s. There is currently a dig going on unearthing their camp. I was able to visit the dig when it was in the early stages back in 2015, so this definitely caught my eye.

Much more I could write about, but I will save some for another post someday. I really need to do some research on some of what I saw first.

Now for some sleep as we are back to the dig tomorrow afternoon.



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