Memorial Day 2019

This morning I went to the local cemetery for the Memorial Day observances.

Memorial Day, Flags, Tracy California, CemeteryThe cemetery was full of flags. This year there was a large crowd at the cemetery for the observances.

Memorial Day, Flags, Tracy California, CemeteryThe sky was cloudy which is a bit rare for Memorial Day here. It is usually well into the dry season by this time.

The speaker this year was the commander of the local military depot. It was good to have someone speaking who had served our country.

Memorial Day, Flags, Tracy California, CemeteryThe local VFW gave a gun salute. It is always good to see them at remembrances like Memorial Day. I talked to a few of them and thanked them for their service. I know it is difficult for many of them as they are remembering comrades who had lost their lives in action.

Grave and Flag, Memorial Day, small flags, remembranceSmall flags marked the graves of all veterans who are buried in the cemetery, so they were easy to find. I like to wander around the cemetery after the ceremony and visit some of the graves. In the cemetery there are a few graves for Civil War veterans and also at least one from the Spanish American War.

Perrin Needham, Civil War, Iowa Infantry, Memorial DayI always find this gravestone as it brings back some memories. I had a 3rd great uncle who served in an Iowa Infantry company during the Civil War. He was killed in a battle in Louisiana. See: Remembering Ellett Bolen

Someday I want to do more research about Perrin Osman Needham. He was born in 1844 in Vermont and died on Christmas Day in 1937 here in California. His grandfather was in the War of 1812, his great grandfather in the Revolutionary War and he had a grandson who served in WWII. A family who has served our country through their generations.

I hope you took the time today to remember those who gave their life for our country.


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