Travel Prep Day

Today has been a travel prep day. When getting ready to travel there are some important things that need to get done.

Cliffor, Travel prep, suitcase, travel, packing formulaPacking is obviously one of the things that had to get done. Here I have the suitcase all ready to load up after I solved the Packing Formula.

pruning rose bushes, yard work, roses, dead headI also needed to do some work with my roses. I have had a lot of rose blooms this spring and it was time to do a bit of trimming.

rose bushes, cutting back blooms, yard workThe bush looks a lot different after all the spent blooms have been trimmed away. The rose blooms on this Mr. Lincoln bush do not last long. However, more are on the way and I will probably come home to a bush full of blooms.

back yard, mowing lawn, green grass, springI was also able to get the yard mowed and it all looks nice. It will be time to mow again when I get home, but can just imagine what it would look like if I didn’t mow it before I left.

ladybug pupae, ladybugs, natureI also found several ladybug pupae. I have never really noticed them before, but now that I am looking for them they seem to be everywhere. I saw them on most of my rose bushes today. Now if I can only find a nice cluster of eggs on the underside of a leaf.

Now to make the final packing decisions.



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