Food in Argentina

This evening I ran across a folder of pictures from a trip to Argentina 14 years ago. What really caught my eye were some pictures that I took of some of the food I ate on the trip.

Tonight you get to see some of these images.

Argentina, steak and fries, Argentine Beef, Food, friesOne of the things that I remember about Argentina is all the good beef that I had. The food was also usually presented very well.

Here was a nice plate of steak and fries. I remember the fries as being very good, and the steak even better. Nice grass fed beef with lots of flavor.

Steak and sides, argentina, beef, potatoesThis was a typical lunch during the training course I taught in Buenos Aires. We would walk to a restaurant about 4-5 blocks away and have a big lunch. Luckily I was getting some good exercise.

steak, argentina, buenos aires, dinnerOf course steak and potatoes two different ways was not out of the question. I remember this steak, especially as I have some pictures of it after I sliced into it. A nice perfect medium rare that was so full of taste.

argentina, chips, fries, sausage, ribsThis was another lunch dish of sausage and ribs. Just thinking about the restaurant where we would eat lunch makes me want to go back. However, our office there is in a different area of the city now so it would not be easy to go back for a lunch. Also, I would not have the same company, which was really part of the experience. So many memories wandered through my thoughts as I looked through the pictures tonight.

ribs, sheep, argentina, buenos aires, bbq ribsOne of my most memorable meals from the trip was when my host took me to eat ribs at his favorite restaurant Posta Recoleta. The lamb ribs were absolutely delicious and the meal was a wonderful experience.

When I went to Antarctica ten years ago with my sister we spent our first night in Buenos Aires and my colleague met up with us and took us there for dinner. The meal again was a wonderful experience. I may have to share more pictures from the two meals in a future post.

Now I am hungry. I may need a snack before bed.


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3 Responses to Food in Argentina

  1. Riya Gupta says:

    Wow! Food in Argentina looks so tasty as if It’s just in front, I’ll grab it and put it inside.

  2. This is the most tasty blog post I saw today!

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